Building a relationship and winning favour within the market, referred to as Brand Strategy, is a crucial part of a business plan. This is how you create awareness and loyalty, within your target market. The goal is to have your products/services become memorable, in that they meet their needs, evoke emotions and become desirable, thereby making customers choose you, above the competition.

Your brand is more than your name, product or logo. It is a feeling, an intangible emotion which draws customers to your brand. It relates to a person’s recognition of a particular brand or business. Even though they may not be a customer of the business, they are aware that it exists.

Brand strategy awareness relates to marketing tools and strategies used in order to promote a business’s brand message, and as such, grow a customer base and establish brand recognition within a chosen demographic.

A critical area of brand awareness is the use of Marketing Campaigns aimed at increasing your brands’ visibility and creating a demand for it.

You need to make people excited and curious about what you have to offer. This involves knowing how to plan a campaign that SIZZLES!

Targeting is essential for a successful campaign. It needs to be aimed at the ideal buyer/customer profile for your brand. Advertising which is focused and designed specifically for a particular audience, in which it will appeal to their needs and desires.

Your campaign must be well-planned and executed, in order to deliver high-performance, well-controlled outcomes to your efforts.  Below are a few examples of proven marketing campaign types:

Product Marketing

Focuses on cultivating awareness and attracting new customers to your product. This means converting them to be aware of, and knowing your product via various advertising means.

Sales Promotions

Is a sales-boosting strategy, in which temporary campaigns and offers are made by a business, in order to increase awareness, interest and demand for its product.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Aims at getting targetted traffic to your website, via a search engine’s rankings.  This will demand the creation of high-quality content, content around specific keyword optimisation and building backlinks to your website.

Email Marketing

Is a form of direct marketing, using email to promote products/services. You can increase customer awareness of your latest offers, promotions and products, by keeping them engaged and informed, between their purchases.

Online marketing, also referred to as Digital Marketing, relates to any marketing that takes place on the internet. Search engines, email, social media and other digital channels, including multimedia messages and text, can be used to connect with your customers (current or potential).

Globally, statistics show that over 4.5 billion people use the internet. Obviously then, Social Media Campaigns launched on the internet are likely to draw interest in, and attention to, your brand. Done correctly, your digital marketing efforts could provide the intense interest, emotion and compelling action that you wish to stir in your audience. Summed up in the acronym, AIDA, meaning Attention, Interest, Desire and Acceptance. Ultimately, you want acceptance and desire for your product.

The fundamentals of Digital marketing are to generate leads, capture those leads and finally, cultivate them.