The Rugby World Cup 2023 brought thrilling moments to fans worldwide, but one unexpected star emerged from South Africa – Checkers. The retailer seized every marketing opportunity to assert its position as a leader in the retail industry and enhance brand awareness.

Creative Marketing: The Heart of Brand Building

Checkers’ remarkable branding performance during the Rugby World Cup is a shining example of creative marketing at its best. Their imaginative, unconventional, out of the box thinking approach has allowed them to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Let’s explore the elements that have contributed to their success and how other companies can apply these lessons to improve their own marketing strategies.

A highlight of some of the innovative, creative, and brave initiatives during the World Cup period:

The Springbok’s Colour Match

Though Checkers didn’t sponsor the Springboks, they took advantage of a beneficial coincidence. The colour of the Springboks’ teal kit matched that of Checkers 60/60, providing an unexpected connection. Checkers leveraged this similarity on social media, making South Africans giggle, debate and encouraged the online trending narrative thereby creating a memorable brand association.

Opportunistic Trending

Checkers has proven to be a master of opportunistic marketing. When a rugby player’s wife; Aimee Kitschoff said she was missing home while based in France, Checkers not only arranged the quick delivery of beloved South African food, but also created a reel that trended on social media. This demonstrates the power of timely and creative content in maximizing opportunities to create brand awareness.

The Checkers 60/60 Initiative

 Checkers 60/60 set the benchmark for marketing innovation.  How better to encourage shopping via the Checkers6060 app than launching an 8 Millionaire prize scratch card with winners being announced on SuperSport during half time of the World Cup games


Checkers’ extraordinary awareness success during the Rugby World Cup 2023 serves as an inspiration for companies looking to enhance their topical marketing strategies and build an enduring brand.

In a world filled with advertising and promotions, it’s those companies that think creatively and engage with their customers on a personal level that truly shine.