It is essential for career seekers to determine their own set of values and expectations before requesting an interview at a prospective company.

Doing research on a company’s culture and values will help you determine if you will be able to align your personal values with those of the organisation. Embracing a company’s values, culture and style is a mutually beneficial exercise for both the employer and the employee. If an employee is able to identify with a company’s core values, the likelihood of being able to adapt and succeed is far higher.

Career seekers need to bear in mind that their CVs are used to advertise their qualifications, skills and experience, while the interview process is an effective way of evaluating a potential candidate’s cultural fit. This is why culture fit has become such an important screening method for employers.

It is just as necessary for potential employees to gauge and understand the underlying values and culture of a prospective employer, to ensure they will fit into the company without causing team dynamic issues, and have the ability to portray the desired image of the company.

Research shows that an active and effective corporate culture is essential to the motivation and well being of a company’s workforce.

Employees are the company’s culture brand ambassadors, so ensure they experience the culture you have defined for your company.