It’s our 5th anniversary this year! Time flies when you’re running a business (and having fun of course). This has been a dream of mine and a business close to my heart. Our vision remains aligned with the love we have for the ocean; its fluidity, flexibility and tides that constantly change are characteristics mirrored by Current Consulting.

Our name and brand were developed with the idea that the fundamental needs and challenges during our company’s journey would continue to evolve and change- and that they have. As the tides of the sea move in different directions, so have our services we have offered, our expansion into national and international markets and methodologies. These swells of change present opportunities for learning and we gain valuable wisdom and insight with each high and low.

The nature of developing and maintaining a business is never easy. It takes dedication, hours of planning, preparation and presentation. It must be fuelled by passion and be able to withstand stormy seas. Like the swells, there have been highs and lows, but my dream has held fast and the reward is worth it.

Current Consulting has always been an intimate company; we are real people, with great skills and a commitment to our clients. We are about forming relationships and building bonds, growing our brand organically while remaining loyal to our customers. We are proud of the work we produce and focused on seeing happy clients. Customer referrals warm our hearts because that’s when you know you’re doing a great job.

Growing a business is by no means easy and we have relied on some key strategies to help us reach our goals along the way:

  • Solid Foundations: From the start we established our aims and objectives and over the years we continue to revert back to these so not to lose focus on day-to-day fundamentals
  • Finding Balance: We love happy clients. Although there is a fine balance between keeping our existing clients happy and investing in acquiring new business, one of our goals is to make sure there is consistency in meeting existing and new clients needs.
  • Prioritise Skills: Our team may be small but you know what they say about dynamite. Each team member is an expert in their field and focuses on their roles.
  • Productive Partnerships: We have learned the value in forming necessary collaboration partners to ensure our clients receive the service they require.
  • Don’t fear change: The only constant is change. If our company didn’t change and adapt, we would be stuck in a very different time, finding ourselves irrelevant. We have tackled every obstacle with vigour. No fear here.

From the get go, Current Consulting has been a solution-based company and 5 years later, we continue to ensure our clients receive the service and advice they require. They say, if your business makes it to the 5 year mark, it’s officially sustainable. We have our great team and customers to thank for keeping our passion and dream alive. Happy Birthday to us, time for cake.