A new year often brings a sense of excitement and sometimes a breath of newness. ‘What are your goals for the new year? is often a go-to question when thinking about the year ahead or when networking within your industry. Furthermore, this might be a good time to make changes or consider a brand refresh.

It is important to note that a brand refresh is different from a full rebrand. Equally important, a refresh is not something a business does for the sake of it. There should be a strategy behind any change, especially when it comes to your brand identity. The key is to avoid confusing your customers and brand community. Therefore, also look for signs of when to implement change.

A brand refresh is essential when considering the relevance of your brand’s current look and feel. Your brand and its audience evolve. As a result, the look and feel need to stay relevant and continue to create excitement with your audience.

An essential tactic for holding on to the marketplace that your brand occupies is brand refreshers. In the competitive landscape of brand identity, it is vital to leverage social networking and technology to showcase new ideas. Resonating with your audience should be a constant consideration, especially if your brand’s messaging changes. These changes could be from a change in your offering, a need to create consistency across social platforms or a shift in the marketplace.

Through simple but effective brand refreshers such as new design elements, brand modernisation, and photography, you can continue to highlight your business’s unique position in the marketplace. In effect, you reinforce your brand values and thus stay ahead of your competition.

Yearly, we at Current Consulting consider and implement brand refreshers, and we encourage our clients to do the same. There is no set rule on how often to do this. However, we can assist you in this journey of newness. We love working with brands ensuring that their look and feel, content, sustainability, and relevance are perfectly strategised and achieved.

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