With our digital world growing at a furious pace, many changes are occurring, and we are literally forced to “adapt or die”!

We are in an age where we don’t encounter our customers/clients in real-time, face-to-face interactions, as often as we did before the digital age swept us into unknown waters.

Thus, changes were inevitable and unavoidable. Our customers are a precious commodity in any business. Whether we offer products or services – our clients and customers are our lifeblood. We must remember to be ultra-sensitive to their needs, and not dehumanize them, by thinking of them as “anonymous customers”.  Be it online, or live, they are real people with feelings, needs, opinions, worries, dreams and hopes. Your customer could be YOU!

This is why empathy-centric design customer service is critical.  It revolves around a user-centred attitude to the evolution of your product/service. Understanding your customers’ needs, motivations and emotions.

Delve into how it makes your user feel when using your particular product/service. What are they using it for – what are their requirements, what issues are they resolving by using your product/service?

The needs which you already meet and those which you are attempting to meet on behalf of your users, should be made known to ALL your employees. Boost the empathy within your organization. Ensure that your staff are aware of customer “buzz”. This makes them more empathetic and aware of the human side of their users, and in particular, their requirements.

Listening to and reacting on, the “oohs and aaahs” of your customers/clients, will turn you into an empathy-centric business, which will lead to a more positive attitude and outlook towards your product or service.

Satisifed user = successful provider.