As internet use on the job escalates, so has monitoring by traditional corporate bosses fearful that surfing will erode productivity. Computing has made it possible to boost productivity in the office, but has also opened the door to greater temptations for abuse where bored workers have more time wasters at their fingertips.

Personal use of the internet at work is dubbed cyberslacking and is widespread. Instead of chatting over the water cooler, workers are swapping instant messages and engaging on social media sites.

We recommend that companies have policies in place about acceptable internet use and make sure that these are understood by employees. But while clear policies are needed, going too far would hurt the company as far as retention strategies are concerned, especially with the younger and upcoming workforce.

Successful organisations require motivated and intelligent staff. They do not require obedient slaves. Individuals faced with no freedom of action will soon move on.

The internet is a vast resource of knowledge that smart firms will want their workers to have access to. Techno savvy companies naturally attract top talent, so we suggest giving your employees the tools to be successful with minimal limitations, and rather manage staff on output.

Go on, roll out iPads and watch employee commitment increase!