2019 is officially in full swing and with it all those responsibilities and work commitments we had set aside when the December holidays kicked in. Now that your well-deserved week or two of relaxation, sleeping in and sunny beach days are over, returning to work can make you feel like you need another vacation!
No one wants to talk emails, deadlines and meetings but going back to work is inevitable. We thought we’d help you out with a few tips for achieving a smooth(er) transition back.

  1. Have a Buffer Day
    Whether you travelled for the holidays or not, having a dedicated day or two to recuperate at home before heading back to the office can ease you back into the groove of things. This extra day can be used for non-glamorous tasks like catching up on laundry, doing groceries or recovering from jet lag. It’s about giving you space to get back to normal with minimal pressure and re-focusing your mind.
  2. Check your Work Calendar
    Going over your work calendar the day before grinding the stone can help you to avoid any surprise meetings or deadlines. It’s also time to get planning; make a to-do list and prioritise what needs to be done. Start with any old tasks that you didn’t finish before the holidays before jumping straight into new projects. Doing this will give you a sense of normality and help you to gently ease your way back into work.
  3. Have a new set of ‘Work Eyes’
    Maybe you were frustrated with a work task before going on holiday because you just couldn’t make it work. Being away for a while allows you to look at things with new perspective. Make the most of your holiday time and then decide to return to work with a renewed mindset and fresh set of eyes. It’s time to reorganise your office and toss out old files. Get yourself feeling energised to jump back into challenging tasks or take on new projects.
  4. Engage with Colleagues
    What’s returning to work without some post-holiday banter between colleagues? Sure, you aren’t exactly thrilled to be back and are likely experiencing some Monday blues which means you aren’t in the mood for chit chat. But catching up with your colleagues about the holidays can help to put you at ease and lighten up the office atmosphere. These conversations also help you to form bonds with your co-workers that will aid in getting back to business.
  5. Take Regular Breaks
    Going back into full work-mode without any breaks is a recipe for burnout. Don’t let guilt force you into overworking to make up for the time you were away. Be kind to yourself, you deserve a holiday and it can take time to get back into the swing of things. Take regular breaks throughout your day to decompress and relax. It will do wonders for your stress levels and help you to refocus.

Heading back to work after the holidays doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. It just takes a few clever tactics and mental readjustments to kickstart things the right way. Bring on 2019!