The future is about preparing for disruption. We need creative thinkers to find solutions to problems we are not aware of yet. Graphic Designers are more than just technical creatives, their training and experience helps them think out of the box, finding creative and innovative solutions to a variety of client and circumstance needs.

Pursuing a career in graphic design gives you the tools to change hearts and minds, influencing people to give to charity or change their behavior in important, socially conscious ways. As a graphic designer your legacy isn’t just beautiful designs, it’s marked changes in the way people live their lives, drive their businesses, run the world.

As a graphic designer, you have the opportunity to gain exposure and knowledge about many diverse industries, so there are always exciting challenges to resolve. In addition, entering this industry has many benefits, such as working independently and virtually.

It is also an incredibly fulfilling career. Through constructing aesthetically appealing and functional communications through images and words, graphic designers witness first-hand the real-world impact of their work.

Graphic design communicates concepts in new, exciting and novel ways through visuals and text. In an age of automation, we can be sure there is no substitute for creativity and human thinking. So, this career offers many dynamic avenues for growth, development and earning potential. Communications are diverse and dynamic which keeps you on your toes, and the need for ongoing professional development.

As a result, we believe graphic design is a GREAT career choice! There are many brilliant institutions offering degrees and qualifications for graphic design. We want to encourage you. DO IT!