Have you ever been approached by a salesperson trying to sell you something you don’t really need in an unconvincing, uninspiring way? My guess would be an obvious yes. And yes, there are a select few who are able to convince an Eskimo to buy ice – no discredit meant to them.

A talented and powerful salesperson is someone who is able to convince you that what they are offering is a necessity. If you are the salesperson, how do you commit yourself wholeheartedly into selling your product? The obvious and easiest way to do this would be to find something you have a genuine interest in; something that ignites your passion and gets the adrenaline pumping. People can spot authenticity from a mile away and won’t be likely buy into your sales pitch if you yourself can’t be bothered about it.

That being said, nothing has more persuasive power than putting your money where your mouth is especially when this involves a sizeable investment.

I am currently a member of a project team about to take a new lifestyle housing development into the much anticipated launch phase: www.toboshanevalley.co.za

We meet every Monday to ensure we are on top of the project plan. The boardroom table is surrounded by representatives of the developers, architects, project coordinators, engineers and estate agents. Every single one of them has booked a stand in the development. During the process they have fallen in love with the vision of the concept and want to plan their futures in the estate. Now, if that is not putting your money where your mouth is, then I don’t know what is! This has obviously given me, as the marketer, a huge amount of confidence that this project is going to be a success, knowing that it is being driven by truly passionate people.

Knowing yourself and sticking to those things that ring true to you will ensure success and productivity in the sales field. The natural by-product is that “selling” your idea/product won’t feel like selling. It would be you getting to share your passion and interests with others by conversationally informing them how they too can get excited about it. Your ‘facts’ will also be genuine which naturally improves the quality and credibility of your sales pitch.

If you are in it to win it, your obvious passion and enthusiasm for your project will shine brightly and be able to convince and persuade your target market in the most organic and authentic way.