When it comes to soundly representing your business, be it your own or employed by one, you want to make sure you are always giving the correct perception of the company. It comes down to the impression you give of your brand during interactions with other working professionals. Are you being holistic in how you portray your company and honest in the services that you say you can provide?

Branding doesn’t have to be hard. If you know who you are, what you provide and how that can help prospective customers then the difficult steps to successfully creating an effective personal brand are already done. Here are some steps you should be doing to create a realistic and wholesome brand.

  1. Have the mindset that it is a privilege to represent your company
    If you are a business owner or someone in a company who does face to face interactions with clients, then you need to always be the best version of yourself. Dressing a certain way is also suggesting how you want to be treated. For example, if you are a CEO, you won’t attend a meeting in a pair of shorts and slops. Impressions count. If you are a hairdresser, you won’t show up to work with terrible hair. Appearances matter. If you represent a company that delivers nutritional meals, then it makes sense to be healthy and look the part. Remember that you are your brand and you are proud to represent it.
  2. Be Original
    This is about taking pride in who you are and how your service can help people. This is important because you want people to trust you and trust that your business is the right choice and the best choice. You want to avoid looking like a knock-off version of another brand whose bandwagon you are jumping on. Ensure you have the proper branding, profile and service foundations in place before you market yourself. You want people to identify you and your service over the hundreds of other people who might sell a similar product. If you are offering social media management services, ensure your Facebook page is professional.
  3. Bring your Brand to Life
    Your brand is a living, breathing thing. You need to know your product or service and how you can bring it to life. Every person has unique wants, needs and personalities which is what makes them different. This is what your brand needs to stand out. It’s being authentic and clear about who your company is and true to the values that drive it every day. If people you are acquainted with see you in the street, they should happily identify you with your business brand. A lawyer and banker need to look more corporate than employees from a marketing agency.

Whether you have your own business or represent one, it is always vital to portray the necessary image and ethos of the company. You want to build trust with your clients, offering an authentic and reliable service. That means being present, looking the part, acting the part and creating a living brand.