The secret about retaining top employees is the realisation that it has less to do with money and is more about creating an office culture people enjoy being a part of. More businesses are realising the same concept about customers applies to employees: It’s easier to keep one than get a new one!

Staff retention is not only about offering the highest pay for a job type, people don’t stay with employers solely because of money. Employees usually decide to look for a new job because they don’t like their current boss or the environment they work in. The best retention practices come from companies that understand this concept, and pay attention to how satisfied their employees are.

The problem is that while companies acknowledge the importance of having a defined corporate culture, acknowledgement alone is not sufficient to foster job satisfaction. All too often, a corporate culture is nothing more than a statement of intent, something that has no application in the company other than an occasional mention in a speech or that can be viewed in a frame on a wall in the reception area.[/fusion_text][fusion_text]So how do you go about instilling this culture in a company? I believe a company must make its vision its employees’ mission. Start by inspiring a personal passion about your company’s mission and make every employee feel part of the mission. Generate enthusiasm about the company’s goals and create excitement about your staff member’s individual and important roles to achieve these goals. These actions create a sense of ownership and dedication. They help staff members feel positive about what they do and why they do it. When that happens, your staff are more committed to your company.

Create an environment where employee’s strengths are maximised, where they are treated like adults and have the necessary tools to be successful. Personalise the culture, it can’t only be about the company. Create an environment where each person feels valued and appreciated. Keep reminding employees of the culture and call on behaviour that does not fit within the desired environment, and eventually visitors should immediately be able to identify the culture when they arrive at your company, they should be able to see, hear and feel the culture.

Embracing a company’s values, culture and style is a mutually beneficial exercise for both the employer and the employee. If an employee is able to identify with a company’s core values, the likelihood of being able to adapt and succeed is far higher. It is very important for prospective employers to screen potential employees underlying values and culture to ensure a fit to retain the corporate culture built.

Instill a culture your brand deserves, position your company as an employer of choice!