Think of all the fabulous women that have crossed your life’s path. From as far back as you can remember. How they have influenced you and helped you along, merely by being present, or by specific input into your life?  I encourage you to nurture these relationships.

It’s the small things that add up and become the significant things. Trust being the number one bonding element amongst a group of women. Trust can be equated to bringing a new life into the world. It starts off fragile, it must be nurtured and cared for, occasionally exposed to uncertain factors. We carefully watch and observe, making sure our trust is valued, earned, respected, and reciprocated, as we, in turn, trust the women who belong to, and have earned, their place in our inner circle.

We share ideas, opinions, fears, emotions, and yes… sometimes our secrets.  We enjoy their uncompromising love. They provide the support that we need, without the judgement, but honest and true even if it is not want you want to hear.

Isn’t it amazing how spending time with trusted, supportive, loving girl friends can be? Sometimes it’s all you need to change your outlook and lift the negativity that sometimes feels overwhelming. A WhatsApp chat, or a heart-to-heart over a coffee or glass of wine, a run.   It’s therapy, right there!  To just feel safe enough to open up.  Cry a river, laugh hysterically, scream till your throat hurts or stand up and dance like no one is looking… they take your hand, and join you in your outpouring and rhythmless dancing!  Their trusted values and varied opinions are honest and in your best interests.

No energy vampires, just special friends who fills your cup and never expects anything in return, other than your unconditional love and support. People who give you the energy and strength you need to be the best you can be, both personally and professionally.

Our circle of warmth when we feel left out in the cold. Our fortress when we feel vulnerable, and need protection, no matter our age. Protection from judgement, relationship blues, stress overload, motherhood, bosses… whatever we need to get off our chests. Our circle of friends, like a circle, has no beginning and no end. Eternal, infinite presence.

I have been blessed with an inner circle for 40 years plus, a circle which I heavily rely on for advice, motivation, ideas, support and in return I pour back in abundance.  Every year I dedicate my Women’s Day blog to my daughter and this year as I recognise her developing inner circle, I hope they know how blessed they are, and how important it is to provide unbroken trust, unwavering support and be a good influence even when peer pressure presents itself.