Branding is everywhere. The power of branding surrounds you in both subtle and obvious ways, which also makes it an extremely powerful psychological tool; it can stir feelings and evoke emotions in people. Large, successful companies have become well-known and popular because of their branding and marketing strategies. Drawing consumers in by clever persuasion that their products or services are top end, and therefore your life will be improved and enhanced by using their products. This then connects you emotionally to the brand……Branding at its powerful best!

Even small businesses can employ similar approaches in establishing a recognizable brand. Of course, a budget for branding and marketing does help, but there are economical methods to help consolidate your branding strategy, in order to stand out from your competitors.

Your marketing activities can produce pleasing results, by using proven marketing tips. With a suitable game plan, you can achieve a lot, without having to foot a huge bill. Some of these steps include:

  • Getting to know your customer/target market
  • Lean on the power of word-of-mouth
  • Spend time in the community
  • Value the importance of existing customers
  • Appreciate the importance of the local market
  • Attend networking gatherings
  • Leverage social media and advertise locally
  • Offer to sponsor local events
  • Make use of free promotional tools
  • Whatever works, re-commit your efforts into it. And finally,
  • Set up a Website and claim your business online. Let’s discuss this topic further…

 Small business marketing via Websites

Statistics show that Internet penetration in South Africa stood at 64% in January 2021. Proving that Digital Marketing is on the rise, with expansive growth predicted.

As a small business owner, it can be difficult to get noticed in the digital world, fighting for attention against major retailers and big brands. You need to ensure that your website includes all information necessary, relating to your company and its products, using appropriate design, photography and content.

It may sound expensive, but there are easy ways for you to build a professional, appealing website, without breaking the bank. Bear in mind that your website can often be the first step towards attracting new customers.

Make sure you get your website basics on point, and make it easy to navigate. Create blog content which is interesting and informative. Avoid the humdrum and mundane.  Appealing ads, content and visuals, will draw your customers back for more, and in turn, they will spread news of their positive experiences through word-of-mouth.

In closing, a “nutshell” quote on marketing:

“Marketing is the ongoing promotion of a brand, product or service through various mediums to compel a target audience to take action.”
Darren ShawFounder & President at Whitespark.