You have probably heard the quote “Good, better, best. Never let it rest. ‘Til your good is better and your better is best.” I am one of those people who want to pay attention and learn new things.  That was why I decided to embark on a National Learning Journey: to gather expertise and tips and to become better at what I do…so that my better can be best…

I started out in Cape Town on my quest to broaden my knowledge base about social media marketing.  I met with various industry specialists; trendsetters and gurus, to sit at their feet, as it were, and soak up some of their ideas and practices.

Why? You might ask… Besides wanting to be best, my allegiance is to my local clients and promoting their businesses and brands is my priority. It is in their best interest that I am aware of the newest trends and equip myself to offer the best advice and guidance in the competitive sphere of advertising.

Inspired people inspire others, and in the field of marketing and branding there are so many creative and inspiring people that I thought it prudent to meet with them and brainstorm ideas for my clients. Not everyone has the same eye for detail, talents or expertise, ideas or experience, budgets or challenges and putting heads together will always produce more innovative and colourful ideas.

Effective advertising and memorable branding doesn’t just happen by chance – many liters of creative juice and hours of collaborative inspiration are involved in the process. For my own growth and the profit of my clients, I spent time debating trends and learnt some new and interesting tricks of the trade. There are constantly new developments on the marketing horizon and keeping in step with pioneering thinkers can only be positive for my clients and myself.

Sir Isaac Newton said “If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.”  It is my aim to stand on the shoulders of these industry giants and experts and to see as far ahead as I can… so that my better can be best…

Next leg of the journey, Johannesburg where I have the most exciting mentoring sessions set up.