Have you ever picked up your phone to look at Facebook and Twitter accounts to only shut it down because you just can’t handle any more information? I have.

I go through times where I am on social media a lot, especially as I follow the news via social media sites, then after a few weeks, I can’t bear to even open those apps. This is called social media fatigue – where you become too overwhelmed by your news feed, irritating posts, irrelevant information, having to comment / like friend’s posts, and wasted time maintaining these online connections. But this whole scenario becomes a problem when social media is part of your job, and your business profiles cannot afford to go through these slumps. So, how do you overcome this fatigue?

  1. Stop posting and start communicating
    Stop posting about your day and what is happening in the day to day on goings in your business. Rather start joining in conversations in your business groups, or by joining a Twitter hashtag event or two a week. This is a great and intimate way to communicate with other users in a semi-closed environment, where they can get to know you better.
  2. Draw inspiration from other people
    Look at what your followers/friends are doing and posting. Take a step back and observe what others are doing and allow them to inspire you again.
  3. Be human
    Don’t be afraid to deviate from your business’ interests. Be human and let people know about YOU; your interests and hobbies. This will keep your followers interested, as well as reminding you that there are other aspects of your social media presence people value.
  4. Refine your content strategy
    Study your social media analytics to discover which platforms and strategies bring you most traffic and conversion.
  5. Get real in your marketing
    Bring your social media marketing strategy to reality with events such as sales. This is a great way to re-connect with your followers.

When you are noticing your social media interactions going down, don’t be discouraged, it will go back to normal once you revitalise your posts and your followers.

Have you ever felt you have social media fatigue? I often see people say they are taking a break from Facebook (the break does not last long!), but you can’t take a break from a business page, so how do you get over the fatigue?