There has been a lot of online publicity on the virus and together with social media, the effect comes with pros and cons. This is a powerful tool to rally the masses to come together (or in this case, stay further away).

We will also have to rely on online solutions for decentralised workstations where possible, with most companies already instituting work from home policies. Social distancing will save the nation, but the economy or on a more micro level, SME’s need to survive.

The work from home strategy is the responsible thing to do while we take measures to contain the outbreak and it sounds great; who wouldn’t want to work from home?

The challenge is companies struggle with performance management and expected output delivery under the watchful eye of management. So, what is going to happen to productivity with employees having to self-manage?

Employees who are not used to working independently, by day 4 of self-quarantine, might find themselves losing inspiration and morale as the mundanity takes its toll. Employees will become easily distracted having family in close proximity all the time which could also create some tension.

It will be important for employees to adapt and find innovative ways to stay motivated. It is critical for employees to understand the work from home model is not a half day holiday. We all have to be responsible to meet the expected deliverables to assist companies weather the storm.

I have already received requests from clients to assist with retrenchment processes, and who do you think is on the top of the hit list? Definitely not the committed, hardworking, top performers who can be trusted to keep the company flag flying.

So I encourage employees to not only do their part to keep the economy going, and protect the sustainability of the company they represent, but to also save their job by being responsible – don’t sleep in until 10am, don’t pretend to be working when you not, don’t waste productivity time at home. You will be paid your salary so do the expected, so do your part.

This period should not be highlighted with panic and despair but rather by our ability to adapt and re-adjust our ways of living, working and thinking until things settle again.

#StrongerTogether #BeSafe #StayHealthy