Stanley, since 1913, built for life!  A brand with a rich history, recently successfully transformed itself from its traditional image of bush-coloured rugged flasks for outdoor enthusiasts to a trendy global sensation.

The turning point came when Stanley’s reusable water bottles, particularly the Stanley Quencher, gained prominence on TikTok. In the #WaterTok corner of TikTok, influencers praising the cup as a holy grail. The brand’s association with influencers and social media platforms helped it reach a new audience, beyond its traditional customer base. Marketing genius!

Stanley had long been marketed to men, emphasizing ruggedness, longevity and practicality.  However, the TikTok love reversed this trend. The New York Times even referred to Stanley fans as a “sisterhood,” signalling a shift away from the macho branding of the past.

The limited-edition Starbucks Tumber, a shiny winter pink travel tumbler, became the most coveted accessory in January 2024. It featured a 1.18 ml stainless steel, vacuum-insulated jug with a straw. Adults stampeded towards displays in Target Stores across the USA to get their hands on this fashionable cup. Collaboration for the win! They are now selling on e-bay for hundreds of dollars.

Stanley introduced a variety of vibrant colours for their cups, making them more appealing to the broader female-based audience. Mom bloggers did their thing, and suddenly wannabees flaunted their collections on social media, showcasing cups in every shade to match every outfit.

The TikTok love translated into impressive sales. CNBC estimates that Stanley made over $750 million last year, compared to an average of $70 million annually before 2020.

No doubt it’s a quality product, the tumblers can keep hot drinks hot for seven hours, cold drinks cold for 11 hours, and iced drinks iced for two days.

Who needs a straw to avoid spills? Well, apparently, many adults do, especially when it comes to their beloved Stanleys.  The Stanley Quencher has been playfully called an “adult sippy cup.” Its 26 colour options cater to personal preferences.

Stanley’s reinvention involved a blend of influencer marketing, colourful aesthetics, and a departure from its old-school branding. The result? A global trend that turned a simple sipper cup into a must-have fashion statement across the world.

Everyone needs a Stanley story!

The Stanley Quencher H2.O Cup, retails for around R1,299 in South Africa, although the waiting period for new stock to come to SA is 3 months.

So, you might get your hands on one if you are prepared to stand in a queue in April OR look out for the Current Consulting social media competition and stand the chance to win a Stanley Cup in March!