November is Orphan Awareness Month, a month used to raise awareness of the plight of orphans, and to encourage support and funding towards babies and children who unfairly found themselves in this situation.  An orphan is defined as a child younger than the age of 18 years who has lost one or both of their parents by death, disappearance, or abandonment. 

In 2020, there were 2.9 million orphans in South Africa which is equivalent to 11% of all children in our country.  Every year, over 10 000 babies are abandoned in South Africa, with the vast majority of them found dead. 

Run for Hope is in its 5th year and the Founder Bonnie Currin with the unwavering support of her Current Consulting team together with Jono Kruger of Sport for Lives is organising a 24-hour run to raise funds and awareness for local orphans.

Bonnie being a Board member of Guardians of Hope, starting using her love for running as fundraising mechanism for them, which has grown year on year.  Last year saw the inaugural 24 hour run event where 8 runners ran through out the 24-hour period, supported by 300 other runners joining for a loop or two at The Cove, a picturesque farm on the Nahoon Dam.  Many families came out to enjoy the 5km run/walk for a good cause together, whilst a few businesses used the opportunity as a social responsibly team build initiative.

Guardians of Hope is a dedicated place of safety, providing care for vulnerable children who have been abandoned, surrendered at birth for adoption, destitute, or palliative aged from newborn to 6 years.  They rely on 100% community funding to care for the 30 children their premises will allow for.

This year we are hoping to go bigger and better for the betterment of the charity.  We have confirmed The Cove as the venue again where we will have a DJ, kids entertainment, and various catering vendors will be operating throughout the day.

We are calling on East London to show your support, join the 24 hour hopefuls, or pop over for a 5km.  We are pleading on local businesses to enter a corporate team, it’s a great year end  team build opportunity whilst gaining brand awareness and contributing towards CSI.


“Alone we can do so little, Together we can do so much” Hellen Keller