Find The Gap For You and Stay Motivated!

As we draw close to the 2-year mark of COVID19 life, let us take a moment to pause and breathe. Our bodies have been through a great deal. They have experienced fear and stress and have tried to stay safe in a global pandemic. Some of our bodies have fought to stay alive, and some of our bodies look and feel exceedingly different. It is alright. It is human, and it is still beautiful and worthy.

Food for the body is not enough. There must be food for the Soul.

We at Current Consulting will be implementing an Employee Wellness Programme to encourage our team to take care of their whole self. It will include:

● Physical wellbeing
● Emotional wellbeing
● Spiritual wellbeing

Each of these areas intersects to make up our overall wellbeing which we believe is essential for a happy and healthy workforce.

Introducing the Soul Food Hour

Each team member will choose a day in the week to take a screen-free / desk-free hour for an activity that will bring balance to their lives, improve their wellness, and enhance their whole self!

Activity Ideas include:

● Yoga / Pilates / Stretching
● Beach Walks / Gym
● Crafts / Baking
● Fellowship / Community Service

This pandemic phase has been draining and disheartening at times. We would like to take this opportunity to encourage other companies to join us in boosting our employee’s overall wellness this Spring by using the Soul Food Hour concept.

We will be sharing Soul Food activities on our Insta stories to help motivate you. Even if in your personal time, find the gap for you!

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