It seems to be the hot topic of discussion across the world, the novel coronavirus, also referred to as COVID-19. First discovered in a small town of Wuhan, China in December 2019, this flu-like virus has since spread far and wide, creating a flurry of panic and fear, which has recently hit our shores.

Even without contracting the virus, we have all been affected in some way or other, some local businesses and their employees are already suffering. For me personally I will be missing out on supporting my husband participating in the Robben Island swim next week, as we decided best not to fly and take the kids to Cape Town as part of our social distancing obligation, I have had numerous cancellations at our guesthouse, and I am struggling with motivation for my tough training programme for comrades which will probably be cancelled soon.

During this time of chaos and in the wake of cancelled anticipated events, empty shop shelves, hysteria over lack of hand sanitisers, debate over whether we are being paranoid or responsible., it’s easy to feel somewhat demotivated or overwhelmed.

I went for a run to the beach this morning, wow, what a beautiful calming morning spent enjoying the sunrise. It allowed me to gather my thoughts and make a commitment to myself to regain my motivation for my running goals, if comrades is cancelled there will be another goal in the near future and I can’t give up.

If you have been affected by the cancellation of your big sporting event after months of gruelling fitness and diet regimen in preparation, and your spirit has been shattered, I encourage you to stay motivated. Don’t stop training! Find smaller goals to reach in the meantime – work on your speed, use the time to get over little niggles. Remind yourself that staying active is great for your health. The fresh air will do your mind good during this crazy time.

Put your takkies on!

#StaySafe #StayHealthy