Are We Willing to Continuously Learn from Others?

I was recently forced into a collaborative partnership through a marketing project that had various stakeholders responsible for various elements of the project.  Normally an arrangement I really enjoy, as I use the opportunity to build new relationships, grow my network, and learn from others.  Unfortunately, in this particular multi-service provider scenario the benefits of collaboration were not achieved, in fact, it was a very unpleasant arrangement with partners feeling threatened and sensitive which was detrimental to the success of the campaign for the client.

A collaborative mindset is a critical aspect of our new way of working together. Whether one brand partners with another or individuals collaborate on a specific project, collaborative work needs defining. A collaboration could be a mutually beneficial arrangement that helps build business resilience and success for each partner. On the contrary, collaboration can also look like a coffee date between people who share knowledge and skills. In both scenarios, listening and emotional intelligence is necessary.

In whichever stage of one’s career, there is always something to be gained by being open to learning from others. In other words, the way that we navigate life and success could be a telling sign of where our collaborative mindset might be.


Business Collaborative Partnership

It can be said that forming a unique and strategic partnership needs to be a part of your growth plan. We are living in rapidly evolving times, and the lines between industries are blurring in radical ways. Your business could partner with another successful business that is shaping the market, thus helping you boost your industry knowledge, expand your network and grow your company results and status. A strategic partnership could be an asset to your business in a time where innovation is vital.


Mentorship and Partnership

Equally important is our ability to collaborate with those around us. Emotional intelligence is essential here because it helps improve interpersonal relationships, both personally and professionally. In the case of mentoring someone or being mentored (formally or informally), it is helpful to understand your strengths and weaknesses. For this reason, it is noteworthy to see how mentoring involves a lot of self-reflection. However, it comes from both sides of the relationship. To clarify, the responsibility of promoting a positive work partnership falls on both parties.

Whether you are sharing your knowledge or the one being inspired, mentoring sessions and opportunities have a hugely positive impact on self-confidence. As partners, you can learn from each other in unique ways. A willingness to be mentored, or simply just opening up to learn from someone else can help not only encourage your career development but shift your personal development too.

Overall, finding new ways to work with others has a dual benefit. Collaborative partnerships offer rare moments of opportunity for both parties involved. Knowledge sharing, skills development, and improved social skills are just some of the ways that collaborative mindsets can be created, nurtured, and sustained.