A website that looks fresh, polished, and modern will instantly grab the attention of your potential audience.  Utilising search engine optimization (SEO) will certainly drive traffic to your beautiful website.

But a lot goes behind the scenes in making sure your website is current and relevant including but not limited to:  making sure that all buttons, links, and relevant forms work as they are meant to, the contact form works correctly, the cell phone viewing is set correctly and speed is effective.  It is important to do regular audits on your website to ensure all is in order.

Most websites are built on WordPress, using a theme and various plug-ins depending on the functionality required in the development.  All these platforms require monthly updates to be installed to ensure the effective performance and functionality of the website experience (very much like the apps you have on your cell phone).

It is therefore utterly important that your website is maintained at regular intervals for optimal results which includes visitor performance and the ability for a developer to implement content changes.  Many developers wont work on websites that are not up to date as the risk is too high that they could break the site.

A good idea is for you to invest in a website maintenance plan. Your website partner would make sure that any plugins or extensions running on your website are updated monthly to stay current and compatible.

A few of the positive results that you could achieve if you invest in a regular maintenance plan for your website include a secure website keeping your website relatively safe from the many hackers lurking online, your partner will ensure they have a back up of the website and search engines are designed to notice a website that is regularly maintained.

Don’t view your website as a once-off payment investment, other than having to pay your annual domain and hosting fees, you need to budget the nominal fee to have the website maintained to ensure a long-term return on your investment.  Your website maintenance partner will normally submit a report to you outlining what updates were implemented and the performance of the site.

Should you wish to implement a website maintenance contract contact us at crew@currentconsulting.co.za