South Africa, like many other countries, is currently in lockdown as the population has been ordered to #stayathome for 21 days to attempt to #flattenthecurve of the COVID-19 pandemic. These are interesting and rather unusual times that we are living in and the effect leaves us filled with a whirlwind of emotions ranging from ‘chilled-out’ to full blown panic-mode.
For all non-essential entrepreneurs, the lockdown has destabilised economic and financial foundations with little know-how to predict the long-term ramifications; small businesses obviously taking the biggest knock.

It may, subsequently, feel like doom and gloom, but it is during our darkest nights that stars shine the brightest. Even though you may feel like your business or aspiring entrepreneurial plans have hit rock bottom, compliments of the lockdown, we want to send out some encouragement and highlight reasons why this 21 day ‘breather’ from life does have its upside.

  1. Change your Focus
    It’s easy to get caught up in the chaos that COVID-19 has roused; tools like social media, news pages, chat platforms etc. amplify the noise and spread a lot of scary and fake information. This can mean a very long 21 days with your head in a cloud of despair and negativity, which isn’t ideal for your mental health nor brainstorming fresh business ideas. Try to limit your time on such platforms, rather set yourself some productive tasks each day. It’s about living in the now and making the most of it. Change your focus from COVID-19 to You!
  2. Use any Opportunity
    Although some may view the lockdown as a prison sentence, it’s actually the perfect opportunity to use this ‘free’ time to jot down business ideas, get going on that content you wanted to draft for your business plan and to work on the side hustle you wanted to start 2 years ago. You can’t complain that you don’t have the time now so rather view the lockdown as an opportunity instead of a punishment. Maximise the ‘silent’ time to brainstorm!
  3. Stay Connected
    Yes, we are social distancing and self-isolating but thanks to technology, we can stay connected. Don’t fall silent during this time. Instead use it to connect with business mentors/advisors regularly to stay on top of your entrepreneurial aspirations. Who said you can’t ‘network’ from home!
  4. Focus on Branding
    When the world was still ‘normal’, you might not have had time to tend to those areas of your business needing extra TLC such as tweaking a website, updating standard operating templates, working on your branding and so on. This is an ideal time to focus on those areas and luckily Current Consulting is operating during this period, so readily available to consult and assist with branding, website development and social media services.

Remember when you used to go to work and wish you were at home instead or when you felt frustrated because you never had time to focus on your passion project? Guess what, you have plenty of time to do that now. Being locked down in your home for 3 weeks obviously isn’t the most ideal situation but it’s important to focus on all the upsides it can offer, and you may walk out of this time feeling mentally refreshed, and ready to show the world your new business.