The start of this new year hasn’t been as smooth sailing for most of us as we would have wanted it to be nor could we have expected it to be, in light of current events. If you have particularly battled to ring in the New Year with optimism, you may require some inspiration to help you get the year started on a better and lighter note. Therefore, setting goals despite the world being in a state of uncertainty, for the time being, is still an important activity to do for your overall well-being.

Exercise to energize
Establishing a good exercise regime is something that each and every one of us cannot afford to overlook as it is a vital component to our mental and physical wellbeing. Exercise is proven to mitigate the levels of anxiety and depression, and in a time when many people are experiencing higher levels of stress and worry, exercise is an invaluable tool to help with this. The physical benefits of exercise are innumerable from improving memory and brain function to assisting in weight-management and much more.
With some social distancing measures still in place as a result of the pandemic, there are still many other avenues to incorporate exercise into your day such as digital workouts which are proving to be increasingly common and popular these days.

Staying socially connected
Staying connected through virtual platforms with family and friends is also important for our mental wellbeing. When we can interact with others who share similar views to ourselves, we can ease each other’s burden as well as lighten the loads on our shoulders too simply by listening and sharing the experiences that are common to us – all in all these experiences can enlighten, uplift and motivate us to keep pushing forward with the hope that there will be a light at the end of the tunnel no matter how dismal the circumstances.

Learn something new
With the extra time we may be faced with these days, it may also be a good idea to invest this available time in learning something new whether it be a new hobby or skill or something similar. Challenging oneself in the art of stretching our capabilities is a beneficial exercise that could potentially have many rewards.