App updates are part and parcel of the many apps that we download onto our mobile phones. One of the most wide-spread apps that most of us use daily is the ever-popular WhatsApp messaging service.

Recent updates to WhatsApp’s privacy policy have however been put on halt (it was supposed to happen on the 8th of February) over the concern of WhatsApp sharing certain user information with Facebook that appeared to be a violation of privacy.

What the new policy will entail

The information in question? Phone numbers, IP addresses, payments made via the APP, and business-related chats using Facebook’s hosting capabilities to advertise to target audiences on Facebook. WhatsApp has now stated that the new policy has been delayed until 15th May to clear up any confusion around the matter indicating that the purpose of the new policy changes is not to share additional data with Facebook but rather to focus on the aspect of business messaging on WhatsApp only.

We believe that while this new policy won’t put you in any risk (unless you a criminal!), you may start to see far more adverts pop up on your personal Facebook page, relating to conversations you have on WhatsApp. I am sure you would agree, that having targeted, relevant adverts presented to us would be far better than having our online space dominated with adverts of services and products we have no interest in.

What the alternatives are

Given the potential changes that are due to take place soon, many people are still doubtful of whether their details and information will be safe, secure, and protected and many are now looking for similar platforms to use that will provide more privacy protection.

With WhatsApp having dominated the market since its inception, other lesser-known messaging Apps like Signal and Telegram have been in the shadows – until now. Tech billionaire Elon Musk has endorsed the messaging app Signal as a more secure app if you choose to switch when the time comes. iMessage and Allo have also been hailed as the next best alternatives to WhatsApp.

Either way you still have a few months to decide and to see what their final say is around this continuing debate – we will keep you informed.