The year 2020 began like any other
Imminent hopes and dreams
Fireworks lighting up the sky with colour

But something unexpected happened along the way
A viral pandemic decided to stay
For a while we managed, united as one
Nothing could knock South Africa’s crown
But weeks turned to months in the never-ending lockdown

Scheduled plans and events, family gatherings- much anticipated
Fell away in the corona cloud, dissipated
Just as we thought we had reached our limit
We paused and thought, hang on, we were made with a fighting spirit

Despite the changes, we will adjust to this unusual time
COVID won’t stop our event, lets adapt and keep it online
But none the less, we can still have fun
Dress up, wear yellow, do a lockdown run

Just remember, when you’re feeling a little blue
We are in this thing together, we will make it through
Think of your own battles, you are already an inspiration
Let’s share this winning energy with the rest of our nation

Don’t let lockdown dampen your passion
We Can Run is still happening, yellow is the fashion
We will be spreading the sunshine and some joy
Join us spreading awareness, time to enjoy