Website VS Social Media? This is a common question for marketing teams and an even more contemplated concept for new businesses owners. The COVID-19 pandemic-led lockdowns have sparked the popular a new culture; working from home. It has also drastically shifted the ways that new businesses start. While both websites and social media have different potentials, together, they can assist brands in flying higher. Therefore, it is imperative to understand what each platform offers your brand. Equally important, we need to realise that the conversation is no longer ‘website vs social media’ rather we need to consider how they each need the other.

Take this brief analogy your website is your virtual office and your digital business card. Social media is the handshake, ‘the welcome to’ message, even that high five (or elbow bump) you wish to give each new customer. Moreover, social media is your ‘how can we help you’ message to an audience who has yet to be your customer. Your website is not just a placeholder for your logo and brand values. It is your unique brand destination and collects all of your marketing projects in one location.

Your website is undeniably beneficial to your business, and your social media strategy is your communication tool for enhancing your brands potential. As a result, you cannot have one without the other. Together they deliver the most effective brand experience.

Advantages of Having a Website:

  • It is your online real estate. Meaning it is your brand’s home or head office. It is where your sales lead to and where you want people to end. With SEO efforts, your website exists in an area where people are looking to meet their needs.
  • You can build and customize your website to reflect your brand ethos and the way you want your customer to experience it.
  • It improves trust, credibility, and legitimacy for your business.

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Advantages of using Social Media:

  • It is already built, so you do not have to worry about its actual structure.
  • It is free to use, which allows you to cut down on overhead expenses (we didn’t say free to advertise on!)
  • Social media is a direct and effective way to communicate with your audience. This not only helps you find new customers but it allows you the opportunity to provide excellent customer service.

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In essence, your brand needs both a website and a social media strategy. Each has specific rewards that will change your business and its success. Equally, maintaining a website and a consistent social media strategy requires a skill set that not all of us have. In saying this, the industry and world of digital hold exciting and innovative solutions and people. Outsource as needed, but do not choose one for the absence of another.