Llamas. Butterflies. Deers.

Your crown shines bright.

Your long neck, paper wings and sleek antlers represent who you are. What you are becoming. What you can be.


Find your voice.

In your creativity. In your passion. In your curiosity.

Jade, you still writing your legacy.

Pantone 14-4812 TCX: who you are becoming.

Find your inner healing. Find your confidence.


Find your voice.

Let it resonate to your loved ones, and to all the strangers your voice heals.

Melissa, you change the world for those you come into contact with

Your intuition allows you to be a good judge of character; a visionary to the lives you change

Let your wings take flight and pursue the amethyst – the violet purpose stone.


Find your voice.

In the bustle. In the stress. Over the anxiety. Find your calm, deer Monique.

In the peace unleash your potential

As the clear turquoise Caribbean Sea reveals the beauty of underwater life, so too do you.

Your deer-like meekness is no hindrance but a strength to thrive.


Find you voice.

You are more than what you are.

Find your independence.

You can be more than what you are.

Be kind. Be empathetic.

You can reach more people than you are.

Be strong. Be confident.

You can do more than you are.

Find your balance.

Work. Joy. Mental space. These are yours for the taking.

Find your voice.