Every marketer you talk to will say that blogging is so important for your business. They make it sound as though it’s the simplest thing to do – ‘Oh, all you need to do is write a post 300 words or more, weekly or bi-weekly’. This really is the perfect case of easier-said-than-done, for a number of reasons: a) 300 words seems short, but it’s actually a whole lot of words, b) finding the time c) coming up with topics is not as easy as you’d think!

While blogging is particularly intimidating for those who do not enjoy, or are not confident in, writing, I have found that the following things help me with my blogging:

  1. Write down whatever comes to mind, when it comes to mind. If I am away from pen and paper, I write the topics on my phone or email myself. But writing them down, no matter how silly they seem, helps formulate a topic worth writing about.
  2. I listen to what others are saying. Often, I will be in conversation with a colleague about something, then the next day someone else will mention the same thing. This will often spark a topic.
  3. Once I have a topic, I take to Google and read up about it. Someone out there has written something about the same thing. This is helpful in getting a perspective to write on and to get more information.
  4. Just start writing. You will get nowhere if you don’t start. Start writing words down and see where it leads. Leave it for a day or two, then read it again, and edit and proofread it. If you don’t have time for this, then ask someone else to edit and proofread it for you.
  5. Your blog is your opinion, so nothing you write can be wrong! Give your blog your personality so when people read them they can imagine you chatting about it, this will cause engagement which is what you are looking for in blogging.
  6. Blogging is part of your marketing strategy to build awareness, gain trust in your potential target market and to increase visits to your website, so when you think you don’t have time, ask yourself if increasing clients and turnover is not important to your business!

Your blogs don’t need to be perfect, they just need to be quality – information that people want to read! What are your personal blogging tips?